How to be a Vlogger? An introduction to Vlogging

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Let’s admit it, since the beginning, humans are interested in expressing their life more often. That’s the reason social media became instant hit. But sharing photos or normal videos are already outdated. Facebook has already seen massive decline in user engagement with posts. Let me be clear, I don’t have anything against Zuckerberg apart from the fact that Facebook is stealing my personal data.

So what’s the new way? What is going to be the way to express our life if not in pictures or boring videos?

The answer is Vlogging.

Basically, in vlogging you record your life events and post it on social platforms (generally in YouTube), and since social platforms are available to everyone anyone can do Vlogging.

But the main problem arises when you want to make your Vlog entertaining. If you don’t do it professionally it becomes boring and you do know how much people like to hit their ‘Back’ button.

The solution will present to you by itself if you keep up with our community.

And more often than not a people who are enthusiastic to start their vlogging journey struggle to choose a appropriate niche(topic), but let us show you the way

This site will help you for free to learn Vlogging. What do we expect in return? Nothing except your love. Send your video links to our Facebook page and let us share it with other vloggers and larger audience.

Since our community is growing rapidly be the early bird and contact us to share your vlogs and help you to grow.

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