Common Vlogging mistakes and how to avoid them?

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If you are a Vlogger you have done these mistakes and if you are new to Vlogging you should avoid them because great minds will learn from others mistakes rather than their own.

Do you remember clicking on a vlog on YouTube just to browse the next video after five seconds? Yeah, exactly that’s how your vlog shouldn’t be.

Hooking audience to your vlog demands content and execution so here are some mistakes vloggers often commit

Boring introduction.. (Never ignore the power of ‘first impression‘)

The introduction is all about assuring your audience that you have great content ahead to look forward to, that’s as important as saying “Hey!! Welcome, you are going to enjoy the ten or so minutes of your time here” so get the introduction done right as follows:

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it entertaining
  • Put the best content of your vlog in short clips of 3 to 5 seconds ( don’t reveal everything)
  • Make sure it’s well within a minute
  • Put some music ๐ŸŽถ
  • Put the best clips in the front, middle and end of your introduction

An example for good introduction is:


That’s it, now the audience has a taste of what lies ahead they won’t leave you until you tell them what it is.

Always shaking (Avoid shaking videos as much as possible)

We understand that camera you are shooting your vlog with may get a bit unstable and hence the video shaky but too much isn’t going to convey anything but rather disturb the audience attention. Although a bit of shaking is considered natural too much is always too much.

Zero expression (Show them that you have ample energy in store)

Did you know that filmmakers concentrate more on the actors’ reaction than the concept to be conveyed itself? because it’s a known fact that displaying emotions is as contagious as yawning. So keep your energy high and make them feel it. Although it’s subject to the topic you are vlogging about but any emotion displayed must mimic the same reaction from your audience. Look at the above video and observe how she carries her energy according to the situation. Just don’t be a robot, chill and become expressive.

Don’t insert too much of your daily chores (unless you are a celebrity)

Some vloggers for good reason insert their daily life activities in their vlog and talk about it, it builds trust with your audience, but if you insert too much it becomes boring. Like, come on! We all go through the same things daily (except some occasions) so we don’t want to see the same thing.

Stretching unnecessary (Edit your Vlog without mercy)

You thought every video you shot is too good to be cut off unnecessary part of it? Well, sorry my friend, you got it all wrong!! A video no matter how lengthy or short generally has unnecessary content in it, so it’s your job to make sure you remove those extra media from your vlog.

  • Never take editing for granted because it can make or break your vlog.
  • If the content goes too far off from the theme you are presenting then cut that part-out
  • Use graphical representation whenever required
  • If you think you suck at editing don’t worry, just hire an editor

That’s the common mistakes vloggers go through that we know of… If you know more, please comment it and help others.