How to get more views on your YouTube Vlog?

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You uploaded that Vlog of yours which you thought is too good and will grow your audience in an exponential way but as usual, it was viewed only by your fixed circle, hence you were dejected.

Let me tell you where you failed. You don’t know about ‘Marketing’.

Even the finest of products manufactured by companies requires millions of dollars for marketing but still, companies are happy to spend that money, because they know that for branding their products they must spill some of their income.

But you don’t have to spend money on your vlog to reach out people, thanks to social media. Below are the steps you should follow to get more views on your vlog:

Be active on social media regularly

Did you know that the way your posts used to reach your friends or followers has changed drastically? Because nowadays, in social media your posts appear on the wall of people who interact with each other regularly (ex: if your posts are liked, viewed or commented by certain friends your future posts will only reach those people on top of their wall).

So don’t blame social media for not giving views you deserve just by posting only your vlogs. Interact with your friends and followers on the comment section of their posts and keep uploading your content other than your vlog.

When you do upload your vlog on YouTube, share that video link on all of your social media and request your friends to share your post.

• Facebook groups

FB groups are a great way to connect with people other than your friends. Search for groups on vlogging and join them immediately.

Remember! Don’t just post your vlog links on the group, interact with the people on the group. Give them feedback on their vlog and ask them to return the favour. That’s how you can grow together.

• Facebook pages

Some FB pages like ours, post your vlog links for no cost at all, why do we do it? It will, in turn, help us to grow our audience. So DM your links to FB pages, that gives a lot of exposure for your channel. Will let you know soon about other FB pages who do the same.

• #hashtags

You should never expect your views to grow unless you are using hashtags for your youtube video and also for your posts on social media. Hashtags help people who are searching with certain keywords to reach your vlog and channel.

Examples: suppose you are vlogging about food don’t forget to add these hashtags

#food #foodvlog #recipes #vlog #trending etc

These are just little examples, you can use any hashtag you want until it is related to the content of your vlog, a minimum of five hashtags is a must.

Don’t ignore the comments on your YouTube

Reply to all of the comments on your YouTube video, this builds trust in your content.

Ask your audience to subscribe to your channel and like your video

It’s a very basic tip but has a powerful impact. At the end of your video ask them to subscribe your channel and like your video. Your audience may have come to just see your one vlog but tell them you have a lot in store for the future and make them hit that subscribe button.

That’s how you get more views and build your audience. Have patience and be dedicated, success will be yours.