Which niche you should choose? Two important types of Vlogging

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The most sought out answer from beginners. Which topic should I start my Vlogs on? Well… let us help you in this blog.

Search in any social platforms, only two types of content has larger audience:

  1. Entertaining
  2. Informative

Because that’s what we, the people browsing the Internet are actually looking for. Either the video should evoke emotions in me or it should answer my question. But I will later illustrate the real golden videos which will hit the right spot on your audience.


The list of topics which will entertain your audience are:

  1. Funny videos
  2. Performance videos (singing, dancing etc)
  3. Events recording (videos which showcase what’s happening in your life)
  4. Showing off your skills (how to do painting? How I got 40 kills in PUBG? etc)
  5. Acting (play with emotions of your audience, they like it)
  6. Kids ( they are the peak of cuteness aren’t they? So do Vlogs with kids playing, it will make your audience connect to you much faster)
  7. Gaming ( you think you are a pro gamer? Cut the Pro moments of your gaming and make Vlogs with them)
  8. Pranks ( don’t you enjoy doing pranks with the people you come across? Well it becomes authentic when you do it with Vlogs.. People enjoy it)

Entertaining videos are most watched in any platforms but informative videos help you to build a brand that people will remember for a long time.


  1. Classes on cooking (many people want to cook good food but fortunately you may know that only recipe)
  2. Classes on academic subjects that you are learning (some students struggle with specific subjects so you may help them to sort out their problems)
  3. Technical details about new product release that you use (everybody loves shopping but sometime don’t have the necessary information about the products they are going to buy. You may help them by explaining their technicalities, Like mobile phones, bikes, cars, gadgets, etc)
  4. Food reviews (who doesn’t want to eat good food? So review the food you come across in your daily life)
  5. A day in the life of (any interesting personality)
  6. DIY projects (are you good at crafts? Then help others to be the same)
  7. How-to videos (how to do a backflip? I don’t know please tell me)
  8. Myths busting (you know people have misconceptions about something? Bust it out live)

I know that above-mentioned niches barely scratch the surface of the vast number of topics out there. But I am sure it will show you the right way to choose your niche. Now the golden videos I told you about.

Golden videos

I just explained to you two major types of Vlogging but the real player knows this fundamental rule:

“Your videos must be both informative and entertaining to be able to build your audience.”

That’s true, if you can manage to bring both qualities in your videos then it will be good enough. Like while giving food reviews you can explain its flavour or the way it tastes in a funny way. That’s the catch, my friend. Make it informative as well as entertaining.

Another example is Travel or Trekking vlogging. In this niche, you can be both entertaining as well as informative. Go to beautiful places and en route don’t forget to give your audience information about the place and how to reach there and what to look at.

In short, choose a topic carefully. It must be of your interest, otherwise you will hit a wall on the way and give up. If you love doing something, you will never give up!